John Mayer’s Cat Café Greetings: A Coded Message to Taylor Swift?

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What does this Cat Café Video Actually Reveal About John Mayer?

On one hand, his statement ‘I don’t know how much more clear I can be about the objective […]’ makes it clear, and the depiction of him in a cat café seems like an offer to Taylor Swift, who consistently emphasizes her love for cats in her content.

On the other hand, the controversial act of letting the cats lick his fingers suggests that Taylor might again become ‘the butt of the joke’.

Taylor Swift – Dear John (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor had warned us about what kind of person John Mayer is in her song ‘Dear John’, where she sings, “[…] to be played by your dark, twisted games when I loved you so?”.

How John Mayer’s Cat Café Video Exposes the Truth: A Deeper Look into Schizophrenia

With this cat café video, John Mayer seems to confirm that Taylor spoke the truth about him. This appears absurd because who is Taylor, alias the devil inside, to judge?! And this is where schizophrenia comes into play again.

For me, this CNN cat café video with John Mayer and its ambiguity reveal a lot about John Mayer. On one hand, ambiguous behavior is often an indicator of dubious mental conditions, particularly pointing towards the illness of schizophrenia. I have already delved into the belief that Taylor Swift, in my opinion, is schizophrenic and is candidly trying to convey this message or open up about it in her ‘Anti-Hero’ video, as detailed in the following post:

Decoding Dynamics: John Mayer’s Schizophrenia, Mockery, and Manipulative Maneuvers in Relation to Taylor Swift

Birds of a feather flock together. Who would seriously believe that both John Mayer and Taylor Swift are schizophrenic? Well, if someone behaves schizophrenically, it’s likely because they are schizophrenic. It’s as simple as that. Another hint that John Mayer feels a bit small is that, in the moment he extends an offer to Taylor Swift, he also mocks her.

The reason for this, in my view, is a cunning manipulation. He knows that by doing so, he hits a sore spot with Taylor Swift, and Taylor, solely to counteract the ridicule of her person and avoid being ‘the butt of the joke’ once again, might engage with John Mayer to possibly alter his views and representations. On the other hand, he is attempting to cover his bases.

taylor swift john mayer

If Taylor does not respond to his offer, he won’t appear as the rejected fool, but can claim to be just like everyone else making fun of Taylor. In reality, there’s an offer from a little insecure schizophrenic person who is playing devious games.

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Speech 2024

Published: 05.02.2024

[2:44 min]

“She Says She’s Not Interested in You”

[0:31 min]

Greetings to John: If you’re going to let something suck on you, make it your thumb! Otherwise, people might think you have no clue!

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