Time for a Change

Sarah Böttger has effectively submitted multiple petitions to the German parliament, with ongoing initiatives in key areas such as sexual offenses, child and youth protection, labor law, social law, criminal law, and corruption. These efforts are also in conjunction with her book, Time for a Change, further extending her advocacy into the realm of combating corruption and effecting comprehensive reforms across the legal system, driven by advancements in technology.

Among her demands, Böttger advocates for enhanced workplace violence protection, stricter safeguards for children and youth, and the elimination of sanctions under SGB II (Social Code Book II). Her focus on addressing corruption and advocating for reforms in criminal law aims to effectuate substantial legal reforms.

Böttger strongly believes in the necessity for a reformed legal framework, one that fully leverages modern technological advancements.

“The era for ushering in a new legal system, rooted in technological innovation, is long overdue”, proclaims Sarah Böttger.

Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag

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