There once was a social media group called: What is missing in life is the right background music like in films. Nothing easier than that.

Nutrition Tracking App

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Clubhouse @sarahhome


Mallorca Stores

BIO Aloe Vera Gel

BIO Aloe Vera Gel

Petition Deutscher Bundestag


Criminal Law in Germany

Book: Criminal Law in Germany


nutrition app

Nutrition App

Red Team, Red Teaming

Red Teaming


IT-Startup looking for Backend and Frontend Developer for Java and Swift, Webdesigner, UX Designer, Co-Founder


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If pride goes before a fall, does bitterness go before victory?
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Mulan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Child Abuse on Social Media | #StopChildAbuse #ProtectChildrenWorldWide
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Child Abuse on Social Media | #StopChildAbuse #ProtectChildrenWorldWide

Der Fall Wirecard
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Short Seller setzen auf fallende Aktienkurse, bei denen es um Millionen oder gar Milliarden geht. Short Selling ist hoch riskant. Hinter Short Sellern stehen oft große Hedgefonds. People in this report: Fahmi Quadir, Short Sellerin: Marc Cohodes, Short Seller:

Clubs on Clubhouse
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We have founded two Clubs on Clubhouse: #Mallorca and Tramuntana. Founder and CEO Sarah Böttger can be found on Clubhouse at: @sarahhome. For the Clubhouse Club #Mallorca, there is a room every Wednesday at 8.30 p.m. The room will be … Read More

Blue Ocean Strategy
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Blue Ocean Strategy Example How Cirque du Soleil Revolutionised the Circus

Deutscher Bundestag: Anhörung zum Kinder- und Jugendschutz im Internet
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Die Bundesregierung will den Schutz von Kindern und Jugendlichen im Internet und in den sozialen Medien verbessern. Ihr Entwurf eines zweiten Gesetzes zur Änderung des Jugendschutzgesetzes (19/24909) ist am Montag, 11. Januar 2021, Gegenstand einer öffentlichen Anhörung des Ausschusses für … Read More

Can’t Wait for the Future Creepy Robots!
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Do you love me? by Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics is a robotics company based in Waltham, Massachusetts that researches and develops primarily in the field of autonomous walking robots, initially for the US military. It is considered to be one … Read More