There once was a social media group called: What is missing in life is the right background music like in films. Nothing easier than that.

Nutrition Tracking App

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Warts Treatment

Protected: Warts Treatment

DIY Kids Purse - Sew Yourself for Children - Tinker


High Adjustable Desk

Protected: E-Commerce: High Adjustable Desk

Clubhouse @sarahhome


Mallorca Stores Logo

Mallorca Stores

BIO Aloe Vera Gel

BIO Aloe Vera Gel

Petition Deutscher Bundestag


Book: The German Legal System

Book: The German Legal System


Nutrition Tracking App

Nutrition App

Red Team, Red Teaming

Red Teaming


IT-Startup looking for Backend and Frontend Developer for Java and Swift, Webdesigner, UX Designer


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Fearless Girl
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Fearless Girl: Empowering Women in Leadership The iconic statue of Fearless Girl has captured the attention and hearts of people around the world. Standing tall at 1.30 meters, this symbol of female empowerment made her debut in New York City … Read More

Challenges of Team Building for Startups and Effective Solutions
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Starting a successful startup requires a talented and dedicated team, but building such a team can be a daunting task, especially due to financial constraints and unique challenges faced by startups. In this article, we will explore the primary challenges … Read More

The Importance of “Product in Hand” for Startups
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Securing Funding and Proving Progress with Product in Hand 🔹 As startups embark on their entrepreneurial journey, reaching the stage of having a tangible and functional product ready for use, known as “product in hand” becomes a crucial milestone. It … Read More

Nutrient Deficiencies in Germany: Common Micronutrient Shortages and their Implications
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🔬 New Blog Post Alert: Exploring Nutrient Deficiencies in Germany! 🔎 Are you aware of the impact that nutrient deficiencies can have on our health? Our latest blog post dives deep into the prevalent micronutrient shortages in Germany and their … Read More

Flutter: The Revolutionary App Development Framework
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Flutter is an open-source framework that enables developers to create high-performance mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms with a single codebase. Launched by Google in 2017, it has gained tremendous popularity among developers due to its efficiency and ease … Read More

How Sarcasm Highlights Different Perceptions
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Sarcasm can be a very polarizing form of communication because it can be perceived very differently by different people. Some people may find sarcasm humorous and witty, while others may perceive it as negative or even hurtful. This can be … Read More

Canvas Business Model: Understanding Business Models
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A canvas business model is a strategic tool used by businesses to create and document their business model. It is a one-page document that provides a visual representation of the key elements that make up a business and how they … Read More