Genesis – The Last Domino? Tour 2022 – The End of an Era

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The End of One Chapter is Just the Beginning of Another

Genesis’ musical history spans many chapters and has made an impact for generations. For me, their music is deeply emotional and brings back memories of my childhood. It reminds me of a friend who was a Phil Collins fan and passed away from cancer in 2018. Genesis’ music also connects me to my partner, who I love.

Carpet Crawlers 2022

Genesis – Carpet Crawlers (Live At Lanxess Arena Cologne, 2022)

Carpet Crawlers 1977

Genesis – Carpet Crawlers (Live From Palais des Sports, 1977)

The Last Domino? Tour 2022 – Live At Lanxess Arena – Cologne/Köln, Germany – (14.03.2022)

Genesis – An Era

Each person can find their own story in Genesis’ music. Genesis – An Era. As the three remaining band members take the stage on their final tour in Cologne, there is no sense of sorrow, only an alliance of friendship that has survived tumultuous times for decades.

Phil Collins is now marked by his struggle with alcoholism, which he has said almost took his life. However, his witty jokes show that he is still sharp in his mind.

During the concert, Phil Collins pays tribute to a 2003 encounter with Stefan Raab, a German television host. Collins and Raab exchange jokes and banter, and Collins even suggests that they should go on a date. Raab, who is usually talkative, is left speechless.

Collins’ career has been filled with accomplishments, including making Stefan Raab speechless. The fact that Genesis is playing four concerts in Cologne, the most at any location, shows that Collins has fond memories of the city. This is where Raab had invited him weekly in 2003.

Genesis Full Concert

Full Concert 2022

Genesis – Full Concert (Live At Lanxess Arena Cologne, 2022)

Full Concert 1987

Genesis – Full Concert (Live At Wembley Stadium, 1987)

During the concert, many of Collins’ fans are present, but the mask mandate keeps the audience from singing along until the final song, “Carpet Crawlers,” when the crowd starts to move.

“Carpet Crawlers” is a fitting and emotional farewell, as it was originally sung by Peter Gabriel, who left the band in 1975 to pursue a solo career. This song has been shaped by all the Genesis and former Genesis members.

Carpet Crawlers Originally Sung by Peter Gabriel (1974)

As I watch Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, and Tony Banks perform, I can’t help but wonder what it must be like for them to play together after all these years. They have been through so much as a band, from the early days of experimentation and innovation, to the heights of fame and success, to the challenges and changes that come with time.

It’s clear that they still have a strong connection, musically and personally. They seem to have a deep understanding of each other’s playing styles and tendencies, and they complement each other well on stage. The energy and emotion they bring to their performance is palpable, and it’s clear that they still have a passion for their music.

But at the same time, I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness knowing that this may be the last time they perform together as Genesis. It’s the end of an era, and it’s bittersweet to see them go. Their music has touched so many people over the years, and it will continue to do so for generations to come.

As the concert comes to a close, I realize that even though this may be the end of one chapter, it’s just the beginning of another. The legacy of Genesis will live on, and their music will continue to inspire and move people for years to come. And who knows, maybe one day they will reunite again and create new music together.

No Son of Mine 2022

Genesis – No Son of Mine (Live At Lanxess Arena Cologne, 2022)

No Son of Mine 1992

“The Way We Walk” is a live album by the British rock band Genesis. The album features recordings from the We Can’t Dance tour in 1992.

For many a grown man, tears come to their eyes during “No Son of Mine,” which are wiped away with a tissue. Genesis – a band that has shaped and moved generations: men, women, children. And a young women who was at the concert today to celebrate her childhood memories with Genesis, and the memories of men who Genesis has outlived.

I dedicate this blog post to my friend Uwe, also known as Karli, who unfortunately passed away much too early in 2018, and to my father, who sadly passed away in 1998. Both men played a significant role in my life, and I am blessed to have been loved by them. I carry this love with me to this day and into the world.

Best of Phil Collins & Genesis

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