What is an IDE?

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IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. An IDE contains all the tools you need for programming, in one program.

The Integrated Development Environment, abbreviated IDE, combines the most important tools for creating software in one program. An IDE includes, for example, a text editor/editor, compiler and linker, debugger, interpreter, tools for creating graphical interfaces, version management and other tools.

IDLE for Python

Some IDEs only support a single language, for example IDLE, which is an IDE that is bundled with the language Python.

Xcode from Apple

IDEs like Xcode from Apple support a bunch of different languages, like Swift, C++, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript and more.

Programming an iOS App with Xcode

If you are planning on programming an iOS App, you will need to install and use Xcode as IDE. The programming language for iOS Apps is Swift.

Android Studio from Google

Android Studio is the official development environment for Android software development. It is a free open source IDE.

Programming an Android App with Android Studio

If you are planning on programming an Android App, Android Studio is the IDE you are looking for.

Visual Studio Code from Microsoft

Visual Studio Code from Microsoft, for example, supports Swift, Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C#, Python, PHP, C++ and more. Visual Studio Code is a free open source IDE.

Atom from GitHub

Atom is one of the most popular text editors for HTML and CSS. Atom also provides JavaScript, C, C++, Python, Java and more.

Visual Studio Code (from Microsoft) or Atom (from GitHub), which are one of the most popular text editors, are also IDEs.

Text Editors

If you are looking for a text editor to write HTML and CSS, which are no programming languages (I bet you heard that a million times), I highly recommend Visual Studio Code from Microsoft or Atom from GitHub. Both editors are the most popular ones. I prefer using Visual Studio Code, because Visual Studio Code offers a lot of extensions.

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