wework – The Inspiring True Story of a Unicorn Start-Up

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The story of WeWork is one of the most impressive success stories in the startup industry. The company was founded in 2010 in New York by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. The concept was simple: WeWork rented out office spaces, creating a network of coworking spaces that could be used flexibly and cost-effectively. Within a few years, WeWork grew to become one of the most valuable startups in the world and became a pioneer of the sharing economy.

The founding story of WeWork is a prime example of the innovative thinking of the two founders. Adam Neumann, who is from Israel, had previously founded several startups and was well connected in the New York tech scene. Miguel McKelvey, who is from Oregon, had already worked as an architect in New York and was looking for a way to further develop the concept of coworking spaces.

The two founders had a clear vision from the beginning: they wanted to change the way people work and collaborate. Their goal was to create a network of coworking spaces that would allow people and companies to flexibly design their working environment and increase their productivity.

Over the years, WeWork has introduced many innovations to support this approach. One of them was the concept of “WeWork membership,” which allowed customers to access the coworking spaces anytime, anywhere. This concept quickly became a success and contributed significantly to WeWork’s growth.

Another important factor for WeWork’s success was the way the company treated its employees. The company gave its employees shares in the form of stock options, making them shareholders in the company. This approach helped to make employees more engaged and motivated, and to identify more strongly with the company.

In 2019, WeWork had more than 600 locations in 122 cities worldwide and employed more than 12,000 people. The company had a market value of more than $47 billion and was considered one of the most promising startups in the world.

However, in 2019, problems at WeWork began to mount. It became known that the company was recording high losses and that founder Adam Neumann had made a series of questionable decisions. WeWork’s planned IPO failed, and the company had to withdraw much of its plans.

The story of WeWork has also attracted media attention. In 2020, the Apple series “WeCrashed” was released, which deals with the founding and rise of WeWork. The series is based on the eponymous podcast by Wondery and tells the story of WeWork from the perspective of the founders, employees, and investors.

In fact, WeWork is still a successful company that operates hundreds of locations worldwide and has millions of members. The story of WeWork shows how an innovative concept and smart leadership can make a company successful.

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The success story of WeWork is also an example of how a company can adapt to new challenges and circumstances. Over the years, the company has made numerous changes to keep up with customer demands and adapt to changing market trends.

WeWork has shown that it is possible to run a successful company by listening to the needs and desires of customers, building a strong corporate culture, and implementing smart financial planning. These success factors have helped WeWork continue to play an important role in the coworking space industry and be recognized as an innovative leader in the sharing economy.

Overall, the story of WeWork is an inspiring example of the opportunities that can arise through innovation, entrepreneurship, and a smart business strategy. The company has demonstrated that it is possible to build and successfully run a company through creative ideas and a good business model.

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