Learn Code – Where to Begin?

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Programming is MAGIC

It used to be thought that there was no magic. In the 20th century we actually invented witchcraft, because programming is pure magic.

Most of the people think that programming is difficult. This may apply to algorithm, because it becomes mathematically demanding. There are experts for algorithm, who focus on doing algorithm. To write code itself, you do not need complicated formulas. Code is a language that is defined like every other language. Learning to code is as simple as learning a language. As the word programming language says. Code is a language. You will learn to code step by step. See code as any other language. Programming languages differ like English, Spanish, German, French. Most programming languages are similar to another. Most programmers focus on one or two programming languages, in which they get professionals. Over the time, you will figure out, which language fits to you and your interests.

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